Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Catalina Island

I've been here for a while actually, but I haven't felt like taking pictures much. I finally got my camera out and took a couple shots. Its been hard to get the camera out mostly because its foggy a lot and I like a nice yellow sun when I take pictures. Oh well.
Life out on the island is really nice, especially on the north end (or west end, depending on who you talk to). I still haven't gone to Avalon (the other end) and I don't know if I ever will.
It seems that my schedule will take me out to the islands for the most part, and I'll come back to the mainland every once in a while to reprovision, then come out here again. The diving is nice, there are plenty of fish, and potatoes and eggs aren't getting old very fast. I think I'll make some banana bread (see post in January 2009) sometime soon, because I'm craving something like that.
The fourth of July is coming up soon, so I'm excited about that. I'll be in Hermosa Beach, most likely. This trip is still lots of fun, despite sometimes feeling lonely, but I'm feeling pretty good about everything. I need more books and maybe more movies.


Anonymous said...

How come you're not writing anymore. Maybe some of us want and need to read your words, the inspiration.

Rachel said...

I agree with what anonymous said. Chris, what have you been up to? Give us an update please!


Rachel (sis)

Jade said...

Oh these pictures look like you're having a miserable time.... What is that, paradise?