Sunday, May 10, 2009

Port McNeill

I made it, which is to say We made it, to Port McNeill, we've sailed from Bellingham about 260 Nautical miles. We haven't killed each other yet, though Raz looks like he just came from prison sometimes.
We saw some Orca whales, some sea lions and other wildlife so far. Lots of Eagles, and I caught a few fish. Raz caught a small Halibut and we ate it.
I broke my Bowsprit on the first day of the trip, and I was up on the front when it let loose, and the anchor swung around and bashed me in the hip, which has severely damaged my butt. I couldn't walk for a long time after that, I can hobble a little now, but the swelling is really the size of a grapefruit and it makes it hard to do anything. I need to put the sprit back on, it was a turnbuckle that broke, and I'll get a new one and make it fresh, but its more things to do.
Single handing while hobbling around is kind of tricky, but I was doing it a lot on this trip, so I'll be all right.
I also installed the wind vane, but I need to tweak the mounting a little bit, because its not quite as low friction as I want it to be yet.
I don't know where the next internet is going to be, so it might be Alaska before I check in next.

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Alan said...

Hey! I get to be the bearer of bad news again, and yet again I have very few ways of contacting you.

The IRS has come calling for you sir. I don't want to give away more of your personal info on here than I need to, but it would be a good thing if you contacted me. You now have less than 30 days.

Oy Christian, what happened to sending me that email with your alternate contact info?

If anybody who reads this knows how to reach Christian in Alaska please tell him to call Alan.