Saturday, May 23, 2009


I made it to Juneau! And on time, which is most impressive. I left Bellingham May 4th, it is May 23 (but I got here last night), so that is 19 days from Bellingham to Juneau. Its been 987 nautical miles since I left Seattle, and now I pick up Danny (who is a very good photographer, he also has a blog) and we go out to Glacier Bay and the surrounding area for two weeks. This is the land of the Cruise Ship, and sometimes I have to dodge around them. Danny actually works on a small one that is very luxurious (the Safari Spirit) and also very expensive. Everything is expensive here, though.
So I'll be out of touch mostly (maybe some cell phone coverage here and there) for the next two weeks. After that, I'll have a big entry with a lot of pictures, I am sure.
I also saw my first iceberg yesterday, which is just a chunk of ice floating around, so its nothing special in fact, but still its a first.
Juneau is a really pretty city, but I think its best to fly in, because the mountians are so steep on each side, they just go straight up. Its hard to see from the ground how amazing it all is, but I imagine from the air its astonishing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris.
Glad you made it.
Juneau is no less astonishing than its airport which is basically in a fjord. Pilots who land there have to "commit" to the landing early in the approach pattern as there is no way to pull up and abort part way through.
This was a big issue 30 years ago when there was a statewide referendum to move the capitol from Juneau to Wasilla.
As far as access, Juneau might as well be an island. Juneau was simply too hard for most Alaskans (including the legislators) to get to in all weather. In bad weather there are many days when planes can neither land nor take off there.
The measure failed, if I remember, by less than 1%, so Juneau remains the capitol today.
Get yerself a pair of good gumboots like Xtratuffs.(expensive but worth it) Water is too cold for Chacos up there.
Stay warm dry and safe, and have fun! You are really making a trip of a lifetime.

Rachel said...

Awsome Chris!! I hope you had a great 28th birthday yesterday! What a place to celebrate #28!! I can't wait to hear more!!

Love, your big sis,


p.s. I just got back from Hawaii :)

Amy said...

Congratulations and Happy Birthday! My Dad just reached Bella Bella. I'll be in Wrangell on June 21st. I'll try your phone or on the vhf.