Saturday, May 16, 2009

Almost to Alaska

I'm in Prince Rupert now, about 50 miles south of the Alaska border, and I've been chugging right along at a good pace. Here's a picture of what I look like two days ago. It raining a lot now, but for a while it was nice and sunny. I am motoring most of the time, because the wind isn't enough, but sometimes the wind picks up and I pop the sails out.
Here's some more pictures from the trip so far, there are tons of eagles and all kinds of whales, but they are hard to get on film. I've had Dahl's porpoises riding my bow wave three times now; they are so fun to watch, and they like watching me, I guess. I saw a black bear on shore, and I even had a harbor porpoise ride my bow a little. I didn't think they did that.
I'm healing up all right from the injury, but I still can't walk normally, and sleeping is difficult because I can't get comfortable.

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Kava said...

Maybe try taking an asprin b4 bed?