Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I made it to Petersburg, and the end of this mad dash seems to be in sight. Juneau is 107 miles away, I have two days, so I think I'll make it. But my autopilot is broken, and I am sorely missing it. It has a deficient brain, and thats too bad, because I want it to steer the boat for me. So I've been sitting on the back of the boat using the wind vane to steer, just pushing the vane around by hand.
Lots of snow in the hills and the sunset starts at 5 and lasts until 10, its amazing!

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vanessa said...

Hey there!!

I tried so many times to give you a call and I sent you some e-mails but I guess it's difficult to keep in contact while you are traveling. You are really doing it!!:)
I hope you get this! - Vanessa- bunny eating spaniard:)