Sunday, February 1, 2009


It came slowly, sneaking through the night. First I went to bed feeling full, and the full feeling persisted for a while, making it hard to sleep. Then I am tired to the extreme, having got interrupted sleep for the past 6 nights. Now I know. Its 2:00 am or so and I am not going to be able to sleep through this, it is a matter of time. I can hope, so I go to the bathroom and sit down to see if it will come out the normal end. It does, surprisingly, with a torrent of water. Not a good sign, but I think it is the food I ate last night still. I go back to bed, and sit there a while, then I can feel my heart beating in my stomach. Something is inside and wants out. It will not go down. I return to the bathroom a few more times, but it stays inside, and the rear end leaks fluid. Finally I KNOW. I sprint to the bathroom and lean over to feel my insides grab with all their might and push. They push again, and again. I don’t know how many times, but it doesn’t come easily. I ache inside, my nose is burning and filled with bits of bad smelling things. I go to the sink and try to dig them all out, then go back to bed. But it is not enough. There is still some left inside, something that laughs at my torment, something that tickles my bouncer, slowly getting him angry. It is dawn now, and I go outside to see the lights, and a friend out there has some water, so I ask for some of his “clean” water, because I have just now discovered that you shouldn’t drink the water here.
I drank the water. I thought that in Costa Rica, the water standards were government mandated, and all tap water was supposed to be tested and drinkable. It has been in all the other places I’ve been, certainly more remote (some of them). But I forgot. Years ago, the entire Peninsula was cut and cows were planted for fast food. The entire peninsula. So now I am downhill of where cows once were. A bad combination. I forgot. Damn.
Maybe its that, maybe it’s the food I ate last night. I feel a squeeze and understand that the leftovers are now going to come out. I run.
Leaning over, I spout water, almost clear, but smelling bad, one, two, three times, then I am empty. Still the bouncer tries to throw the empty air out the door. I ache inside. I am weak, I just lost something like a gallon, and there is no water for me to drink because the stores are still closed.
I go back to bed and get two hours of fitful sleep. When will I get my due? Now I am sitting here, tired, but sleepless, full of water again (and orange juice) but wondering when I will spout it back. I can feel it staying in my stomach. It doesn’t go down. I hate my bouncer.
Dieing Continued…
One of my roommates gave me a pill to take. It’s the first pill I’ve taken in a long time. Hopefully it will do some good. Its supposed to be an antibacterial, so if I have some sort of Bacterial badness because of the water, that will (hopefully) fix it. Its called Guanil, made by Entero. Guanil sounds like something from the bad side of a bat. Hopefully it will do some magic. I hate being sick. Fever, sore throat, and maybe some weakness, that is too bad, but throwing up is just not something I ever want to do again. In my last hours of life I am of course writing the details, but also I just watched King Kong. Some people don’t like that movie, maybe its too long and boring (which would prolong my life, according to Dunbar, (from Catch-22)) but something about it really catches me. I was looking for the plants in the tropical jungles that are in the movie, but I didn’t see any that I recognize. Maybe I’ll finish up my time with some more Peter Jackson, and watch the Lord of the Rings. (if I make it that long)
I still live! Last night I slept, and it was wonderful. Its been 5 days since I had a good night. I ate yogurt, bananas and apples. Soon I will move on to harder food. I went for a walk, but I think I need to rest today as well. Yesterday I could hardly walk, and I was dizzy all the time, but now I can walk just fine, though I am not as strong as I want to be. I’ll go surfing tomorrow.
Atonement and resurrection
The blood that flows through me now is like transfused from an athlete! I feel new. This morning I took a long session surfing, which was maybe the best session I’ve had in a long time. I also almost got a job at the hostel, I think I might be able to get one, but maybe I don’t want one. I can get free room and some money, but I have to work 8 hours a day, which is no good. It might be better for me to pay to stay and have the time for myself. All I have is another month.

I am all better now. But I think I'll leave this place soon, despite it having pretty good surf. I don't like the smell.


Matt said...

yikes dude, watch out for yourself!

Rachel said...

Hey Chris,

I hope you are feeling better... and if you took antibiotics that you took a full course... I just got home from Europe. Please let us know that you are feeling better.

Love, your sis, Rachel