Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dead Weight

I have a new anchor. My trustworthy, loyal, helpful, and friendly computer is dead. So I probably won´t post pictures for the next couple weeks. Its a funny problem, perhaps fixable, but I´m not too optimistic. Anyways, the waves are good and the water is clear at times for fishing, and I´ve been getting lobsters and fish pretty easily. The swell isn´t that big, so I can get a 30 second ride in, but when it gets big there is the possibility of a 2 minute or more ride, because this point is a really long break.
Yesterday I had something strange happen to me. I was diving for lobsters, and i managed to get ahold of one, near the end of my breath. I was about 10 ft down, but there were 6 foot waves also, and I finally got my hands on this little guy and I had been down too long. So when I get free of the rock and to the surface I was hungry for the air, and I made it up. Not too bad, but then after that, for the rest of the day, my balance was WAY off. Not just a little sea legs, I was plastered drunk. My ears were telling baldface lies to my eyes, and anytime I would walk around or turn my head I almost got seasick. It was exactly like being inside a boat that is pitching and heaving, but you can see the insides where nothing is moving and you want to get sick really bad. But this was just walking around.
I don´t know what it was. I cleared my ears just fine, and I´ve been down for that long before, but something about this time messed me up. Any ideas anyone?
Since I don´t have my trusty laptop alive and well, I think I´ll have to go after one of those small nettop computers, the ones with about 10 inch screens. I think thats a better fit for what I want to do anyways.


esme said...

You were oxygen deprived! It can take a full day to restore your blood o2 levels. You must've been down there a LONG time!

Kava said...

I get the same thing sometimes. Not that dizzy but somewhat. I used to get it diving on normal ascent of about 10' sometimes too though.