Friday, February 20, 2009

Banana Bread

So, as some of you all might have noticed, I typically run into trouble, ask for help, and then ignore any advice that is given to me and figure out the solution by myself. So too have I solved the Banana Bread problem. It vexed me for quite some time, I recieved many good recipies (That I haven't looked at yet) (except for your's, mom) but I didn't follow any of the recipies.
I made my own!!
Here follows the new method.
1)Mash up a bunch of bananas in a bowl, using a dirty old fork, because thats all you have to mash with.
2) Add a bunch of sugar. LOTS.
3) add a healty chunk of butter, and use the same dirty old fork for mashing it up with the other two ingredients.
4) add two eggs or maybe one, depending on how much you make.
5) add pancake mix. Enough to make it just too thick to pour proper, then add enough water to make it pour.
6) a little bit of salt.
7) take a frying pan and add a bunch of oil, then pour a slice in and turn it over when you think its ready.
The wonderful thing about this is that it is pre-sliced banana bread.
each slice is cooked on both sides, and a tinsy bit gooey in the middle.

I've made it twice now and its turning out quite well.

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Pre sliced Banana Bread, Eh?

And they laughed at canned beer!