Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Pictures from Pavones

Got a better connection now...

Since I posted last, I traveled down further south to Panama, and I'm in Boquete right now, a little town in the mountians. Its supposed to be really cheap to live down here, but I think I don't like it as much as Costa Rica. The roads are much nicer, but the countryside is not so nice. There is a lot of deforestation, and I don't feel as safe as I did in Costa Rica. I need to go to the ocean here too.
Crossing the border into Panama wasn't that bad, but its very inefficient. They make you go here and there and there and finally you can go across. Except, that really its just a legal thing, you could walk across as easy as you please, there is no gate or anything, just some passport things you need to do in booths around the border area.
The people here are very proud of their country, just like the people from Costa Rica. I went to a pizza place and talked to this guy who told me that I should spend the rest of my time here because it is so much better than Costa Rica, where everyone is a snob and the prices are so high. Also, that the pollution is terrible in Costa Rica, wheras here it is very clean.
I don't know if I believe him, but I can understand that its good to be proud of your country. I am not so proud of mine, I think. I've seen tons of people around, from all different lands, and a few Canadians, one of which has a big flag on her backpack proclaiming her to be canadian.
The Germans are proud to be german, as are the Swiss and Austrians and dutch and all.
But we Americans, we have fiddled a bit with this land down here, most of the time quietly, but I think in Panama, it was more open. We've influenced, we've meddled, and to pay for that, it seems... The internet is not allowing me to upload pictures. Sorry. I'll try again tomorrow.

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Jennifer said...

I say keep posting photos and stories... they're beautiful... and inspiring.