Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I’m in Montezuma, where the sun shines brightly, and Marla and Mark (friends of my sister Rachel) live. They have a daughter, (Nikoya) and they have a beautiful view of the gulf and to the south, up on the top of a hill just outside the town. I got here in the evening, after buying a surfboard in Jaco, then taking a bus to Puntarenes, then taking a ferry across the gulf to the peninsula, and then finally taking a bus as the sun set to Montezuma. I stayed a night in town because I couldn’t find their house, because nobody has addresses here, and came up the next morning. The house is beautiful, but a work in progress, and I like it. I love that the bones are exposed a little, and I can see how the house is held up, and I’ve been helping Mark a little bit with some of the work. Marla is tremendously pregnant, but she is quite the trooper. No, trooper is a word that to me implies that she is suffering pleasantly. She is not enduring the pregnancy, she is magnificent. Anyways, she goes out to do trail work, handles Nikoya, who is screaming and squirming and running all over the place, and pleasantly goes about doing housework and finances and stuff at the same time. I’m impressed. Sometimes I see a little of Rachel in her, sometimes a little of Monica (strangely).
Mark is really cool, and I can tell that he’s from Boston, though it might be just the East Coast that I see. He’s got a quick wit that is really hard to keep up with or compete with, but I had a good argument that I think was really a discussion, but with Italian-like tones and body language. About the word “belief” and Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. And politics. I lose the argument about politics, and it becomes a lecture, which I think he doesn’t appreciate as much as the challenge of verbal battle, but I can’t compete there. Heisenberg, however, that’s my territory. He’s schooled in Philosophy, and I’d like to go into that a bit with him, but we’ll see. I got here and spent the day doing nothing, then the second day I went fishing. I found an absolutely wonderful spot to go diving, its over near this little island, about 5 miles west of Montezuma, (or down the coast in the west direction if you’re picky about it) and the water is probably the clearest I’ve been in. Also there were tons of fish. I could see 100 at a time, most of them tasty looking. I shot a big Blue Jack, the biggest fish I think I’ve ever caught, certainly the biggest with a spear. We ate him (or her) for dinner that night, and the leftovers we had tonight. (so that was yesterday) I had spent most of the day under water, so yesterday was a tiring day for me. Tomorrow I’ll go to the west side (Mal Pais) and go surfing. I don’t know how long they will let me stay, but I like Marla and Mark’s place, and I like the area here. I kind of want to try to camp out at the very tip, and then go fishing and surfing together, but I also don’t feel like getting any more things stolen. Oh, and the big fish broke my spear, so I need another one. The gun is fine, but the spear is broken. You can see it in to photo.


Rachel Lloyd said...

Awsome!! Chris, I am so glad you found Mark and Marla! I knew you would get along with them, and I knew you and Mark would have some great conversations. You can definitely camp out in Mal Pais, there will be a lot of surfers camping there. The last time I was down there I rode from Montezuma to Mal Pais through the jungle. There is a bus that can take you there, but it is about 3 times as long as the fire road/trail. Stay as long as you can!! I wish I was there with all of you guys! Love, Rachel

Anonymous said...

Dude, Nice Fish! Those guys are FAST!