Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Santa Fe

I've left my heart in Santa Fe.
The city is nice, and the surrounding countryside is quite beautiful. I climbed a mountian, Baldy santa fe, which is 12,600 ft tall, and the sunsets around here are breathtaking.
Before I got here, I was driving through New Orleans and Texas, where I stopped to see some hurricane damage, including a beached boat. Its pretty impressive.
Texas wasn't much to see. Desert. There's a lot of that around here. I went to Los Alamos, and that was pretty cool. I saw a cactus that looks like a cowboy coming up the hill...
I also met some people hiking that were really cool.


Anonymous said...

Nice shot of the boat! So you set the camera on a tripod, hit the shutter, then ran inside and popped the flash? Is there another light pointed at the boat from camera left as well? Anywho, it looks sweet!

Oh, and what's her name? (beard shaving?)


Margo said...

Oh no! Someone stole your chin cloth - your face is naked!