Monday, November 3, 2008


We got 12th, which was a bit disappointing, but still I had a great time playing through the weekend, and visiting the beach. There were a bunch of birds I hadn't seen before, like skimmers. I didn't get any pictures, but I'll get them later. It was also Halloween, so we dressed up a little bit as our characters.
I'm heading down to the Everglades later today and then I'm not sure what after that. I think I'll go on a slow trip up the coast of Florida, then up to Charleston and then back to Cape Canaveral.


esme said...

I'm sad that Seattle didn't do as well at Natties as I had hoped. I'm glad you got to be there though.

Any interest in going to the Acapulco beach tourney in January?

appleshampooID said...

Hey Christian, Philbrook here. Sadly I have not kept up on your blog, but I read the mixed recaps from the UPA site and it was cool to see you name in print, although apparently you put up an ugly hanging backhand at some point! In addition to several scores though. Hope the rest of your trip is cool.