Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Everglades (and south Florida)

After Nationals, I've gone down the coast of Florida, from Sarasota to the Everglades, and then on through to the Keys, and now I'm in Key West. I camped two nights in the Everglades, and I might go back again tonight, because it was easy enough. It gets dark here at 6, so there isn't much time to hang out in the evening when camping, so maybe I'll get a room. On the way down to the Everglades, I had a run-in with the fuzz, and they taught me that I can't stop anywhere and cook lunch, because thats off limits. So the moral is that I should go hide somewhere when I want to cook.
I've seen Alligators, held a little one (in a controlled area, of course) and then I touched a wild one on the tail. He wasn't expecting that, I reckon. I've seen a bunch of cool birds, like Wood Storks, Cattle Egrets, Great Egrets, Herons, and some hawks. I also saw some neat trees, but I don't know all their names. I went on a airboat ride, and that was nice, but I think it was a tad expensive for what it was. I spent tuesday night in the wild, so I didn't hear anything about the election until wednesday morning pretty late, but that is good. Getting my news the next day is nice, sometimes. Today, (wednesday) I drove down to Key West, and visited the southernmost point in the continental USA, and went for some snorkeling on the way. The water is so clear it is great. I saw a Barracuda, a big one (for me) but I can't quite be sure how big. It looked 3 feet long, but it might have been less, because of the magnifying effect of the water. Anyways, I decided to get out after that. I got some video, but its shaky.
So from here, I think I'll try to find a place to camp and then head up the coast tomorrow to find some surfing. Then I'll try to make it to Charleston by this weekend.

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Andrew L said...

That video's like some kind of shark horror movie. I expected it to end with your teeth sinking into some unsuspecting leg.