Thursday, August 28, 2008

The treacherous sea

After writing the last post, I went out to check on the boat, and since the wind wasn't blowing much in the trees, I expected it to be not very eventful. Unfortunately, It was eventful. First off, I noticed that the boat wasn't there.
I get out to the beach, and look for a mast poking up out of the water, maybe a few scraps of fiberglass here and there on the beach... but there was nothing. So now my heart begins to beat a bit faster, it's sounding like the noise the wheels make when you start to run off the freeway. I catch sight of a boat way out at sea, but its moving, under power, and it doesn't have a mast. Then, far downwind, I notice a little Costa Rican flag bobbing and waving, connected to a small sailboat, which is still floating! But poor Altair had drifted something like half a mile or more, and I quickly ran back to the house to notify Abe, and get the Green Goblin (my canoe) and get as fast as I can down to the boat. Breakers two feet high were crashing down the shore, with giant waves out further at sea. Abe and I scamper down the beach as fast as we can, canoe on my back and kayak on his, until we find a little bit of a lagoon, where we get in the water and punch our way out into the waves. After a while of paddling I finally manage to get out to the boat, but I figured that I was going to go in the water the whole time.
So now I'm on the boat, but I can't just turn on the engine and head out, because I had gotten my insurance line (the one I drag behind) wrapped around the rudder post. I turn on the GPS and note that the boat is still drifting, but slowly, and that we are in about 15 ft of water, getting shallower, and we're about 300 yards from the break. Abe is paddling around the boat, asking questions, and the boat is leaping around in the water, but I can't make the decision to jump in the water to get my rudder cleaned out. Instead, Abe paddles up and gets aboard, then brings his boat on board, and strips down and jumps in and after working for a while, clears off the rudder. Now we're ready to go. I turn on the engine and get ourselves moving, then Abe steers while I go up forward to pull in the anchor. Eventually we get the anchor up, and the waves are making the bow into a diving board with elephants jumping up and down on it, every once in a while a wave big enough to break over the deck a little. I'm wet, but not as wet as I thought I would be, (and not as wet as Abe) and the wind is trying to pick a fight.
We get my canoe on board, so nothing is dragging behind now, and then hoist sail and get under way, sailing about 6 miles to a port nearby (Deep Bay). Danger has passed. Altair has survived, and I feel pretty good about life again. After an hour of sailing (didn't expect to take Abe out sailing) we get in, set the anchor in firm ground (the previous ground was ankle breaker rocks, not good holding at all) and is sheltered from the waves, so I am feeling better about the boat.
Its been a good run so far, and the run continues on...


Matt said...

Wow that must have been some feeling not seeing the boat there.

Andrew Osborne said...

Haha!!! wow CL - That must have been exciting. I can't imagine! #CLthesailingsupertrooper!