Thursday, August 28, 2008

Qualicum Beach

I'm at a house just north of Qualicum Beach, or rather, just west of it, because the coastline is almost east-west here. I got in last night at dark, with my brother acting as a lighthouse, standing on the shoreline and blinking on and off a flashlight at me. The beach is very shallow sloped, so I had to anchor way out, about 400 yards out or more, and then paddle in. And the wind began to blow really hard just as I got in, so it was a bit of a rough paddle in. Then I ended up staying the night in the house, which is where Adam (the First Nation's elder my brother is staying with) lives. He's from the Kwakwaka'wakw people, and is really a great storyteller. He told me about going up to Kingcome inlet and seeing a sailboat at the government dock, and since he figured it was me, he knocked on the boat to say hi. An old man with a "bald head" and "long grey beard" (just like mine) came up on deck and he wondered how this guy could be Abe's younger brother.
I've left the boat overnight now, and it was blowing pretty good last night and raining a bit. I'm helping Abe make these digging sticks that are necklaces, for a feast in Kingcome in September.
I think I'll stay here today, then leave for Ballenas islands tomorrow morning (about 20 miles) and then go to Gobsons the next night (about 35 miles), and then go to Vancouver and pick up Ric on Sunday (about 20 miles).

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