Monday, June 16, 2008

Graduation, catamarans, and surfing...

My big sister graduated from Evergreen State College, with a Master's in Teaching, so she is going to be looking for a job this summer. If you happen to know any places, pass me the contact info and I'll get it to her. The ceremony was pretty good, though long and kind of hot in the sun and cold in the shade. The main speaker, who I don't remember his name, talked about sociology, and it was really interesting. He got me inspired a little to start reading Howard Zinn, and then I got to reading "a people's history of the American Empire", which is illustrated, like a comic book. Its got some interesting things in it, all of which really connected to me about the wars we've been having for the past 50 years. I'm going to get political for a minute here... I am getting convinced that we've been getting ourselves into those wars, while making it look like someone else pushed us into it. But the result is that we go on to protect our interests. And then I wonder why other countries don't have the rights to protect their interests like we do.
Ok, enough politics.
So after some of that, we went out to a friend of Bryan's to do some sailing on a catamaran.
Wowzers, they are fast. I'd been sailing on one about 5 years ago last, but I'm hooked again. Altair might be too slow for me in the future. Anyways, it was great to go flying across the water like a pelican, or cormorant or something, but kicking up a lot of spray.
Then sunday, we went surfing. This was the first surfing I've done since Costa Rica. And the water here is @(^@)(#%^@#$% cold. On the way back we saw the Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain sailing in the mouth of the river in Aberdeen, and then we went out to watch, and they started firing cannons on each other! A real old school sea battle!!

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