Thursday, June 5, 2008

Costa Rica

I´ve been here two days now, and I´m starting to get the hang of things. I went to a volcano today, up on the rim of the crater, and it was good, but really foggy and smelled like sulfur. The climate changes radically as you gain elevation, and I saw some things that looked like sequoia and some that looked a lot like alder. Could have been a sitka alder.
No monkeys, but lots of cool birds, and a lot of neat plants. I climbed a tree, but everything is in stages of decay, so I almost fell out a few times, when branches broke under me. Hopefully the trees other places are better.
Tomorrow I´m going to the coast with Laura Felice. I met up with her when I came in, and she put me up for a night, but then I was on my own after that, until tomorrow at noon. I´ve learned a few spanish words, and I can understand a lot more than I thought I would be able to.
I´ve been able to meet people pretty easily, and i´m excited about that.
Things are not terribly cheap here, but they are nicely priced most of the time, and I feel like I could easily spend a lot of time here and learn a lot of spanish.
The sun rises so strangely here, it doesn´t wander around a slow southernly path, like it should, but goes straight up.
I´ve taken some good pictures, but I can´t up load them, so I´ll do it when I get home.

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