Friday, June 20, 2008


I made it to Dungeness Spit, which is west of Port Townsend, on the south side of the straight of Juan de fuca. Its a pretty nice place, with a great view of the Olympic Mountains. I can also see Mount Baker, and have a nice view out into the straights. I'm heading as far west as I can make it, so I'll be trying to get out to the tip of the Olympic Peninsula. I'm feeling so much more free after my trip to Costa Rica; my sailing is not any better, but I am more confident in myself. Its a funny thing, because I haven't proved that I can handle the water any better, but I feel like I can handle myself better. I feel like the challenges that I worried about so much before are falling away from me. The straights that were so taxing and difficult before, do not worry me that much anymore. Maybe I'm growing up, maybe I'm getting stupid, or maybe because its summer (today) things are warmer, so less scary.
On another note, I am getting internet access out at the tip of the dungeness spit, which is in the middle of nowhere. So that is kind of nice.
Tomorrow I'll go to Port Angeles and beyond.

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Andrew Osborne said...

Love seeing Altair anchored off shore & some island exploring in White Knight. New flag too! Great CL!