Saturday, June 3, 2017

Glacier Bay the second

 Back in Juneau, and the second time through Glacier Bay was a real treat.  We saw a ton of bears, and in fact enough bears all week that the folks on my bushwack yesterday were more interested in the wildflowers that we were walking though than looking at a black bear that was walking along on the beach a couple hundred yards away from us.  I was keeping my eye on the bear though.
I got a nice shot of a skiff tour streaking along at speed...
 And some Pigeon Gillemonts with their red mouths open..
 A Puffin with nesting material..

 A baby (and lonely) merganser
 and a mouse!  This mouse was fearless, and came right up to the whole group, in broad daylight.  I think it was crazy or had rabies or something.  We didn't touch it.
 A skiff tour with bears
 And bubblenetting humpback whales!
 The wind was also good for flying a kite near the Margerie glacier.

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