Saturday, June 3, 2017

Fortress of the Bear

 This post is a week old, but I didn't get internet in Sitka.  It was the first trip through Glacier Bay this year and a good one.  Lots of cool animals, and I had a nice time at the Inian islands, of course.

Eagles at the Inians
 Takatz Bay
 Greater White-Fronted Geese at the Magouns
 A Northern Pintail at the Magouns
 But the cool thing wasn't just that, it was going to the Fortress of the Bear, (a place where they have Brown and Black Bears in pens) in Sitka.
They have a few GIANT brown bears that have been well fed all their lives, so they keep growing.

 I like how their noses are built and their lips are really interesting too.  Here's a close up
 The ravens and eagles also hang out there, so I got some pictures of them too.

 And look at the lips, at how they extend out and back and are really stretchy and bendy.  Different than a human.
 Begging for food
 And flying.  It was a great place for a few hours.

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