Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Southbound from Juneau

 I'm in Wrangell now, a place that I have been before, but only last season.  We're doing the Eastern Coves trip, from Juneau to Ketchikan, and I like it a lot.  We started in Tracy Arm and I love that place so much, then on to Admiralty island and to Thomas Bay.  I think I like Frederick Sound the most of all the bodies of water up here, so we spent some time cruising with Dalls porpoise and Humpback whales.  Anyways, we're heading through to get to Ketchikan to get to Canada to get to Seattle to finish the season.  I'm super happy with this season, but I am also excited to get south and start my own sailing trip.
The Wilderness Explorer has been a wonderful boat to me and I really am looking forward to coming back to this boat next season, supposing they will have me back.  I like it. 
In other news, my expensive lens purchase has been most fun to play with, so I got a few shots in the last couple weeks of things from way further and more telephoto-ed than ever before.  Here is a nice little Horned Puffun, puffing away. 

And here is a little salmon from the deep, come up to take a peek at the world.  Or maybe just spawning and not really thinking about all the consequences of that action.  You never know with salmon, they just don't express themselves very well.


With Brio said...

Thinking you'll be madly getting ready to leave about now... keep your eyes out for "Daybreak" -- sistership to Brio (but with a white hull) with a super nice younger couple onboard :)

Photos are amazing btw -- they just get better and better.

And enjoy Mexico!!

Aimee Fertman said...

Love the puffin! I think your photo of the WEX will be next year's brochure cover.