Friday, November 15, 2013

Road Trippin' East

 There is a lot to say, and since I am borrowing internet at the Cody (Wyoming) library, I must watch out for Buffalo Bill Cody to come kick me out.  So far we've been over the North Cascades Highway, then camped at the laser light show viewing parking lot at the Grand Coulee Dam, for day one.  It was nice and snowy as we crested the pass, going by the North Cascades Institute, and lots of snow and clouds.  The clouds followed us over the pass and we had to fight the somber feeling and some rain for a few days. 
 Here is the grand coulee dam at night.
 The next morning bright and early we woke up, drove down the coulee and to dry falls.  This is where the Ice Age melting dug out a giant canyon and had the biggest waterfall ever.  Ever ever.  Danny stood on the edge and I stood on the railing to get a shot.

 Kind of a cool structure for the roof at the parking lot.
 Then we went into Idaho and found a tank just east of Boise, as we worked our way over Highway 20.  We did a bunch of sneak camping in the booneys, finding a spot that nobody was going to look and then parking, setting up the simple camp by taking some things out of the car, and folding the seats down and getting in.  Easy and a bit cold.  Still, it has been a nice time. 

 The sparse accommodations...
 Onward we trudged, or rolled.  The desert seemed to stretch forever, we almost gave up hope.  Others, as you can see here, have given up hope.  But we persisted! 

We got to Craters of the Moon national park, in Idaho, and found some awesome lava.  I expect to see more of this when I get to Hawaii, but this stuff is 2,000 years old.  The stuff on the Big Island is much younger and more worn away.  its neat to see the different types of plasticy molten rock.  There were some lava tubes we explored as well, and nice textured walls. 

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