Friday, November 22, 2013


I'm sorry, but this information is out of date.  We were at Arches National Park a long time ago, but sadly, my internet skills are such that I haven't had the time to post anything until now.  Presently we have been having awesome adventures, but you'll have to wait until I get to writing them down. 
In the small coal town of Helper, UT, I got to use the payphone at the gas station, and it was a wireless handset that looked a lot like my own phone.  In fact it was. 
We came down the passes and into the lower lands with warm sunshine beaming into the car, and turned into Arches National Park right at the heat of the day.  Red rocks reflected their ocher tones upon us as we climbed the 1,000 ft into the park, and we gaped at the sights, but drove on.  The park is a long and winding road, ending at the campsite, and we stopped first at the "Windows" and flew Danny's plane to look at the sights from aloft. 
It was a great way to spend the evening, watching the sun slowly set and redden the already flame colored rocks.  We poked around and climbed a bit, then retired to the camp site. 
The full moon blared out like a heavenly beacon in the desert, like it is prone to do.  This place is very similar to Joshua Tree National Park, except in the rock.  Here it is red sandstone, there it is granitic. 
We didn't see the comet, though it is reputed to be visible with the naked eye (in the morning).

 In this picture you can see the true nature of our souls...  Danny is obviously a relaxed lounger, and I apparently am a sexy flamenco dancing woman.
I didn't know this at the time of the picture, so I will have to get in touch with my inner soul a little bit more.  If you are confused, then look at the shadows.

 This one looks like a stern Easter Island statue to me...

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