Saturday, June 22, 2013

Week 3

 Three weeks have swiftly raced past, but at the same time, eons have gone by.  I cannot remember much from the previous times back in Bellingham, and though I miss my poor sailboat, Altair, I am growing fonder and fonder of the Wilderness Adventurer.  Sometimes I even call her "my boat".  This past week had fantastic weather and I got to go for a nice hike at the Bay of Pillars.  On shore there was this Asparagus plant that is a succulent living in just above the tide line, and a beautiful meadow that was itching for bears, but sadly there were none.  Sitka Spruce forests closed in on us as we wandered inland, and we scrambled up to a nice bog full of dead trees and carnivorous plants.  I saw a Blue Grouse and got a nice picture of her, as well as an eagle, and a Newt. 
Going into the ice was fantastic as always, and I got a few shots of that too.
We did a short stop over by some sea lions and they came right up to us to visit as well.
I have three more weeks to go and then a two week break.

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T. Abe Lloyd said...

Pictures of bog blueberry and riceroot... you must be trying to get me to visit! I checked up on Altair today and she is biding her time until her next adventure with good temper.