Saturday, June 1, 2013


I've taken step one in my migration, by getting up early this morning and getting on a plane.  TSA gently molested me with their scanners and then let me pass, and the flight was pleasant.  The airport here is on an island so I had to take a ferry to get to town, then a taxi, and then walk.  Now I am on a boat, and this afternoon we'll set off slowly working north to Juneau.  The boat will do week long trips between Ketchikan and Juneau, with all sorts of little coves and retreats and explorations.  I can hardly wait.  I am working on the midnight to noon shift, so I have to go to bed soon to wake up before 12, then go on watch, engine room checks and other duties until noon.  Night shift has always been a tough one for me, so I will have a challenge before me.  I won't have internet very often, but I'll try to write and post when I can, about the trip.  I live in a small room with another guy, we have hot showers and delicious food, watching the wildlife and the sun climb higher and higher.  Night shift is just less day shift really, because of the amount of light...

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Try not to gain 20 lbs. ;)