Saturday, June 8, 2013

Alaska Week 1

I probably won't do much for updating this blog for the next few weeks.  There is a lot I would like to do, but I am working night shifts and getting off at noon, then I don't have much time before I have to get to bed, and lots to do in town.
The trip was great, but very busy, and it included some high speed driving, some cave exploring (see pictures) and lots of wildlife viewing.  We went in Tracy Arm to see the glaciers, and it is amazing up there, with calving icebergs one after another.  I had been to Glacier Bay before, but this was possibly better, just less glaciers.   
The baby seals are on the ice floes near the glacier, the baby whales are following their mothers around, and everything is turning green, shaking off the snow, and preparing for summer.
The sun does set, but not by much.  Last night it was a medium twilight all night long, darkest at 1:00 am.  There was a faint reddish orange to the north, and the sky was dark blue, fading to nearly black, but not quite.  Its amazing.  In two weeks it will be even lighter.  Sunrises are fantastic, and I get to see them every day.  Today was at 3:58!
I'll try to write more as I go along, and of course take pictures, but time is short in this land of endless days, and I must be off to bed to be rising tonight.

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