Saturday, July 2, 2011


We went out on a motorbike trip today to the north of the island, and found some nice empty beaches. The water on the north is very clear, since there is no wind (and waves) from that direction. I saw a Tucan, but it wasn't close enough to get a good picture, and we drove the motorbike through some fun jungle terrain.
The other day a big storm came through and there was tons of rain. So much rain, in fact, that it made the whole place a big river. Water was pouring down the stairs and it was great fun. Marie and I went out into the water and played in the rain and the wind for a while, but it got a little cold unless you were all the way under the ocean water. The rain isn't nearly as warm as the sea. Then later in the evening, after it had been windy all day long, with a strange, super steady wind of about 25 knots or so, there were nice big waves, so we went out just at dusk to play in them, and had a great time beating ourselves up with the waves when they came out of nowhere and hit us, since it was dark. There isn't much fetch for the waves to build on, maybe 100 miles or so from the coast of Thailand, but these were 3 ft or so, and they were fun to bodysurf.

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Danny Blanchard said...

Nice River! Got your email - I'm alive, but stiff and achy... "Everlasting tradewinds" seems like something found only in Narnia, but it sure makes me happy imagining it!