Saturday, July 9, 2011

Phu Quoc finale

We leave tomorrow to go to Saigon and then on to Beijing. And I will leave the realm of free internet as well, so I may not be able to post to this blog until August. But fear not! I will still try to post with my one. Today it was raining all day long and pretty windy all day too. The waves were nice and high on the beach.
Yesterday we went on a big trip around the island on a scooter and had a great time. We went to a waterfall! One of the things about tropical places that I like the most is the streams and waterfalls. There is a very special place I found in Costa Rica that had a lot of waterfalls, and I have been trying to replicate that ever since. Maybe I will just have to go back. So This waterfall was pretty nice, and would have been great if we had it to ourselves, but we did not. It was a huge tourist trap and we were caught. But it was still nice. Not a lot of islands have rivers with waterfalls, so it was nice to have. After that we saw a big bird flying along and I managed to get a picture. Actually we saw two of them. It isn't the best identifying picture of a bird, but if you can tell me what it is, then you will get a prize!
I have been seeing a lot of really big spiders and the one that made this web was a giant about as big as my hand. I really like the shape of the web, and how the links connect. You can see how the spider went about making the web. I don't know what these ones eat, but I think that some of them around here eat small birds. I wish more of them ate the mosquitoes.
We went to the white sand beach and played around for a little bit and then came back to the west side of the island (where it was big waves, since the wind blows from the west here) and driving along a very long beach we found a spot with huge waves, so we went out and tried to drown ourselves in them. Then we came back to town for the last town trip, and I got this shot of the boats in the harbor. They are going to build a new harbor I guess, and turn this place into a high speed ritzy spot, but I kind of like the sleepy town feel of the little old fishing boats sitting low in the water. The new marina plan includes room for one sailboat, but I haven't seen any sailboats in vietnam. Or in the world, for that matter, for a long time. We sat to watch the sunset for a bit and I saw a guy with a captian's hat on! I felt right at home.
A lot of the places on the beach are very close to the water, and I kept on thinking about what would happen if a Tsunami were to hit the area, or with global warming if the tides come up a bit higher. A lot of people would be pushed out. Even with the wind from yesterday and today the tides were about 6 inches higher than normal and I could really tell. The restaurants on the beach are all getting licked by the waves, and some of the footings for a roof support are exposed because the sand is washed away. Our bungalow is up on a slight hill, but a 10 ft tsunami would still get us. I don't know what the earthquake outlook here is though. I think small. It is the other side of Thailand that is trouble.
Anyways, it was a beautiful sunset and a beautiful trip here on Phu Quoc. Not too expensive either. 10 bucks a night and 5 bucks a day for a scooter and meals are about 3-6 bucks a meal.

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