Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sea of Cortez

I'm back in La Paz, after a very brief, and not too extensive tour of the lower Sea of Cortez. I'm going to Cabo San Lucas for Christmas, then crossing over to the mainland of Mexico, and continuing south thereafter. There will probably be some changes in my blogging, since I have managed to break my camera, so it no longer takes pictures. I'm looking into trying to fix it, but not too hopeful. I still have the small video camera, and I'll probably get a point and shoot or something, but they don't do the same justice as the SLR. I've also not been getting internet as often as I thought I might, and that is a pity, since I like getting online and posting pictures and stories of where I've been. I think the mainland might have more access.
The year is wrapping up, and it has been a good one for me. I've met a lot of really nice people, and been to a lot of great places. Yesterday I was "racing" another sailboat (they were going in to La Paz as well) and when they passed me in the channel, I saw they were from Bellingham. It made me really miss my home, and I've been having dreams about the house I was born in. I think I'll be back sometime.
Since it is near Christmas, I'm going to be missing my family, in fact I am already missing them, I hope they are all having a great time in California.

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