Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bahia Auga Verde

Its been a long time since the last post, and I am sorry for that. There is no intertet out in the wild... Until now! I am at this remote beach with nothing around, except a nice little tripod with a satellite dish on top, and a battery hanging underneath with civilization streaming from it wirelessly! There is a boat here, Wahkuna, who are very generous and let me get on their network.

Since leaving La Paz, I spent a few days on Esperitu Santu Island, where I met up with this fast (they said it could do 30 knots) boat which had a bunch of french people on board. They had a young crewmember who came from San Francisco, and he took me out spearfishing. I borrowed a gun from them, and shot a six person Grouper, (a leopard grouper) which fed all six of us. The biggest fish I've got so far.
After Esperitu Santu, I headed north towards Isla San Francisco, and caught my first Mahi Mahi (or Dorado, or Dolphin fish) I didn't keep it, or get any pictures, so it could be imagined....
Eventually I made it to Punta Evaristo, which is a beautiful little spot, and I spent a few days diving there, and shot a skipjack tuna, and saw a Mahi Mahi in the water. I'm working on my spearguns a lot, but don't have enough power still... (Scottie! I need more Power)
Anyways, I then headed up to Puerto Los Gatos, and found some Geodes, and then made it to Bahia Auga Verde, where the water is green and barracuda roam freely.
My camera has died again, so I think I need to get another one, and that will present plenty of difficulty. I also think I need another speargun, but I might be able to make my own trigger, and then make the whole new gun. I have a pretty nice little design that I think will be rugged and strong enough for a lot of power.
Yesterday I went down to 54 ft and stayed there a while, and my max breath is 2:08, according to my video camera. I think I can go deeper and stay longer, but I don't have recordings of it, so they don't count. Yesterday I dove with this couple who were using scuba, so I was going down to them and playing around, then returning to the top. They stayed about 50 ft down and I made about 8 trips to them. I am very comfortable at 40 ft, and I think I can managed 70 or more if I were to really try.
I have more pictures, but I can't post them all, so it will be another week or two before they come up.
But life is good.


Anonymous said...

Should have kept the Dorado. It's an excellent white fish, and it's very forgiving when cooked. Which means you can over cook it slightly, and it won't become disgustingly dry like most other white fish. It's really excellent with a fresh pineapple/cilantro salsa.

Anonymous said...

You spelled 'Agua' wrong in your title.
Otherwise great to hear of your adventures.