Friday, November 12, 2010

The South Sea (of Cortez)

While I was in Cabo, I saw some storm petrels dancing on the water, looking for food, and I managed to spear a Pacific Sierra, which is the tastiest fish I've eaten so far this trip. But when Danny flew out, I got out myself. I headed northbound, into the Sea of Cortez. My first stop was near San Jose del Cabo, which is where the airport is, and its basically the same as Cabo. Exept that I saw a sea turtle there. But the economy is based on tourism, and it is mostly resorts anyways. So onward I headed, north, into the unknow. My next stop was Bahia Frieles, which is about 50 miles away from Cabo. There is some coral on the rocks, so I went out diving, and I climbed up the mountian that forms the point that shelters the bay. There are so many different kinds of plants there, some of them like apples or pear trees, but without the fruit, and a lot of Locust kind of trees. Also some Sugaro cacti, shrugging their shoulders eternally. Or maybe doing sun salutations. There was also a break on the point. I went out and played around with the kayak, and almost got my board out, but being alone, it was hard. Also the waves were really small, so I would have been banging against the rocks a lot, and I didn't want to break the board. I don't think I will surf anymore for the next few months, because there shouldn't be any waves (well, any good ones) up here. Instead, I will probably spend most of my time in the water snorkeling. It feels really good here. I can be in the water about 2 hours and be just fine with no suit on, and if I eat well, or swim hard, or maybe just stay at the surface, I think I can be in for longer. The water gets kind of cold down about 20 ft.
I think I can dive deeper here than normally. In Cabo, I think I got down about 50 ft, with no weight (and I need about 5 lbs to be neutral) and it wasn't even that hard. It is a mental thing, I guess, since the water is clear enough, I can see 50 ft, and then feel better about going deep. Sometimes the wind blows really hard from the North, and this bay was really sheltered from that, but after a day there, the wind shifted from the east, so off I went. My next stop was Bahia de los Muertos. It was a really good anchorage as well, but a lot of pangas were ripping around in the night, and there was a bit of a harbor for sportfishing, so I slipped away pretty quick.

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