Friday, November 12, 2010

Isla de los Muertos

It is really called Isla Cerralvo, but there was so much dead stuff on the beach I figured it should be renamed. If you can figure out what all the creatures are in the pictures, you will get a prize. Though I may have to get you the prize in a few years.
So after I took all these pictures, I went to Isla Esperitu Santu, which is a great place, but my camera has memory loss now, so I don't have any pictures from it. And until I get new CF cards, I won't have any pictures at all.
I am now at La Paz, and will be lurking around here for a little while, then maybe turn north some more. The plan is not clear from here on out, or at least not fixed.


Anonymous said...


Goat and Eel

What did i win? ;-P

Anonymous said...

Oh, you said "creatures" not skeletons.

I don't know what kind of iguana that is, spinytail?

Rachel said...

I agree, goat skull and eel skeleton... looks pretty fresh. Have fun! Love ya little bro,