Thursday, November 25, 2010

Isla Esperitu Santu

Outside of LaPaz, there is Isla Esperitu Santu. It is a popular place to visit for the tourists here, and is one of the nicest islands in the Sea of Cortez (according to my sources). Anyways, it is a desert island.
Normally the winds blow from the north, but in this case, they decided to blow towards the shore of the cove I was anchored in.
So after a few sleepless nights, I went over to the other side (the north side) and then the wind promptly switched to be from the north. What a wonderful world. There were some neat places to dive, including a spot where the sea lions frolick, and I had a nice time swimming with them, hoping not to get bit. I saw a Harris Hawk, see picture, and it was neat to see.
It is refreshing to visit the desert shore, it makes me feel alive.
I am back in La Paz, and I'll spend Thanksgiving here, giving thanks for food and looking for Wokoloti (if that is how you spell "owl" in spanish) to eat. There are a lot of cruisers in La Paz, which is nice, but also kind of annoying, slightly, but I did meet a young (19 year old) couple on a Cal 30, so bigger than mine, and I am happy to see that. I like the spirit of young and go.
It is sadly, mostly old, big and expensive, and slowly carefully, going around for the population here.
And I need to get a coconut still.
So for the future, I think I'll be working my way north up the Sea of Cortez for a few weeks, then down the east side, and finally, out and south into mainland Mexico.
Of the pictures I got, of course, there was a full moon, and a nice little lizard, of which species I do not know, and a pelican about to eat a little fish. He is just about to hit the water, so if you look carefully, you might see the fish....!

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Anonymous said...

Good to have you back.
Owl is "Buho" in Spanish, with accent over the u. Sounds like an owl hoot when you say it right, with a nearly silent h.
You missed the Great Thanksgiving Blizzard. Not much snow, but ice coated roads and low temps for about a week. All gone now.