Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spearfinshing for Mackerel

I shot an Atlantic Mackerel (I think it was at least) and I have a pretty good video of it. It was nice and tasty despite my bad cooking.


mlloyd said...

Fish torturer!!! Why didn't you put the poor thing out of it's misery? And like a B horror movie, you give the viewers the full effect of this dying creature, thrashing and quivering in it's silent death.

Anonymous said...

Oh My God Awesome!!

It's like watching BSG gun camera footage.... only fishier :-P

More videos like this please! Next time get a shot of a shark zooming in to steal your lunch when it senses the blood in the water. ;-)

Rachel said...


You have a bunch of demented people reading your blog. I agree with Monica... although I couldn't help but laugh while reading both these comments! Aren't you worried about the blood trail... and sharks? Sam and I just watched the vintage Jaws film the other night...

Safe fishing to ya,


sam said...

I think he was trying to be compassionate when he thrust his thumb into it's gaping maw, or maybe that was just for giggles, hard to say.