Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Planes, fish, birds, Long Beach

Ok, so I have been busy with things lately. I was watching planes, and brought my camera along, so I got some shots of the airplanes landing... Can you tell which each one is? Then I headed out to Catalina again, and dove a little bit, and met the guys on the boat that is pictured behind (so it looks) of mine in the silhouette shot.. On the way I also saw another half eaten Sunfish. The poor things always look so chewed upon, even if they are whole, and this one was certainly not. At Catalina I saw a bunch of Pelicans diving, so I tried to get some shots of that, and then I of course got that fish that I showed the video of in the last post so grotesquely.
When I got into Long Beach, I saw a nice big cargo ship with a little dude on it, so I figured it was a nice perspective on size. Big anchor, that's for sure.
I went to Long Beach to play in Sectionals, which is a tournament for Ultimate Frisbee. My team got 6th place, which is enough to go to Regionals, if we choose to go.

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Kava said...

Damn dude that Mola Mola has a huge bite out the back!