Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I went to watch a LA Galaxy soccer game while in Long Beach, and I got to see David Beckham play, though he didn't play for very long, he came in during the second half and played to the end. He's a good player, and I noticed that there was a distinct type of kick that he has, where he can place the ball very accurately over a long shot, but he didn't score any goals, or even assist. Landon Donovan (the captain) scored two goals, to win the game, which was very exciting. His first was a steal from the defender and then he dribbled around the goalie to score, and the second was a run in and blast after a cross that bobbled around in front of the goal for a while. (he's no. 10) Long Beach was a nice anchorage, again, and I got a shot of the boat bobbing along in the waves. I saw a bunch of Black Skimmers, but didn't get a shot of them, it was too dark.
At Sectionals, on sunday, at the last point of the last game we played, I sprained my ankle, so I am hobbling around now, rather than walking or running. I hope to be back in action soon. Sailing proves to be painful, because there is a lot of walking around an unsteady deck to tend to things, and that all makes my ankle feel abused.
On other subjects, the whole sticking around here until the hurricane season is over is potentially proving to be a good idea. There is currently a storm next to Cabo San Lucas, which is the southern tip of Baja California, and it is projected to go maybe up the Sea of Cortez.

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Kava said...

I"m hobbling around now too. My arch got twanged.