Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I just got laser eye surgery, yesterday. I spent $3,390 on it (no tax) and I'm not quite sure yet, if it is worth it.
Here's how it worked:
First I went in for the consultation and they tried to convince me that everything was grand and going to be perfect and fine and such. They did a really good job of it all, so I was convinced, and I just had to find the money. Then I went in, they made me sit about 30 minutes and have eye drops numb my eyes and I go into the operating room. There are two tables, two machines. One is the flap cutter, it works by making small bubbles in the eye so that the doctor can use a spatula to open up a flap. Perforations. El Doctor takes a thing and shoves it on my eye (owch) and it sucks onto my eye, making that eye blind (as in dark) because it changes the shape of the eye, then it locks to the laser machine and makes the perforations. They do both eyes, and I am feeling ready for a break, but we're just halfway done. Its been about 10 minutes now, and a total of about 30 seconds of laser on time.
Then I get up and they walk me over to the other machine, the cutter machine. I line up my eye with a green laser light and the doctor holds my eye open and uses a little spatula to tear open and lift the flap. It sounds painful, but my eye is numb, so I'm not supposed to feel it. Except my left eye wasn't so numb, so I could feel it. Then they tell me to hold REALLY still and look at the green beam. DON'T MOVE!
14 seconds of laser on time, I can hear it and smell the burning, its a high power laser for sure. Then they eye is done, they drop some drops in under the flap for antibiotics and lay the flap down again. Then he checks the position of the flap, apparently it sticks to the eye like velcro, so there is no need for glue. It will heal in a few weeks.
The other eye, same story.
By now my eyes hurt a lot, and when everything is done, I go sit in a room waiting for Jeremy to come get me and take me back to his place, where I try to sleep with these eye gaurds on to keep me from rubbing my eyes. Now I can go around and do most anything, but they want me to keep sunglasses on when outside and "no-rub" things on when I sleep and take these eye drops for two weeks. I have an appointment today to see how the flap is healing and if its still centered (I think).
My vision is perfect. Better than I can ever remember it to be. It is like a brand new pair of glasses I haven't gotten used to yet, where everything is crystal sharp. I feel like running around and going surfing, but I won't be going in the water for 7 days, on risk of infection under the flap. Bad news, that would be. I can do most anything, but I think I'll take it easy for a couple days, and try to keep dust and anything out of my eye.
Here's a close-up shot my brother took, as well as one yesterday, try to see the flap if you can...(he's a pro, here's his website, if you're interested. That is his wedding page, his other one is
So tomorrow I will leave this house and drive north up the Big Sur coast toward San Francisco.

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I guess my Hollywood sign picture wasn't good enough so you had to get another one...