Thursday, March 5, 2009


I'm back in the USA, and I am cold. Man is it ever cold here. I got back and shivered for a day and then got some clothes washed so I could put them all on. The Poof- my down vest, is my best friend again. Why is it so cold here?
I also went into a supermarket yesterday, and it was exciting. High aisles stacked with all sorts of goody goody food. Millions of choices, everything something that I cannot get so easily in other places, but the prices! A little steep, wouldn't you say? I probably can't get on spending nothing anymore. Cash is a funny thing. Its wierd having money that is green. And everyone reveres the American Dollar down in central america, so when I see it I think expensive. I haven't been in the ocean here yet, but for sure I will be saddened by its frigidity.
In the line at the supermarket, I spoke to the cashier and she understood me, and that is a wonderful thing. My spanish isn't that good, but I can understand some things, but speaking in english makes me so happy now. In fact, there are a ton of things that make me happy about this country. I was in line behind someone who didn't seem to see those things, and I imagine that I was similar, and will be again. But we have so much. We can go into a store and get things that people in other countries cannot. We can pay convienently, without having to bring a huge bucket of money around. People don't try to steal things when we aren't looking (at least not as much). I have a Car! Holy cow is driving a wonderful feeling! The smurf rocket is chugging along wonderfully, I can put stuff in it and nobody takes it out, I can go places far away on roads that are paved. I can buy a new hard drive for my computer, then connect to the internet easily. I can listen to music. So things are wonderful here, when you look at it a little closer. Cold, but nice.
I will stay with my brother in LA for a few days, I think we'll go diving on saturday, and then get into the smurf rocket and head northbound up the coast.

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