Sunday, December 14, 2008

In Costa Rica

I made it here without trouble, but finding a place with good internet has been a task. I have some pictures I want to post, but they would take like 3 hours to upload from here, so I'll wait until I have a better connection. Internet in San Jose and Allajuela was quite good, when I was here in june, but down on the coast it is amazingly bad. It is costing me about $2 an hour, and it takes about 2 minutes for each page to load, at least. So its a big pain.
I've written some stuff before, here it is:

I left Jeremy’s place Monday night, after what seemed like quite a long stay. They would say I could stay as long as I wanted, but I was ready to move on, and I think they were glad too. The flight was not terribly exciting, but finally I made it to San Jose, at 1:00 this afternoon. While waiting in line to get out of the airport, I made a friend, who was coming down to stay with her sister, and she helped me out with the taxi ride to the bus station. I got there in time to catch a bus to Puntarenes, where I am now, and it was a really nice bus ride. So I’m going to rest up tonight and then probably figure out how to make it to the real coast (where the waves are) tomorrow. There is one surfboard shop across the street, but the selection is not very good. Its hot here. I haven’t got into the water yet, but I’ll do that tomorrow. I think I might have to go a ways out to get clear water for diving. The heat feels nice after the cold of the desert. I’m sure the water will also feel nice for the same reason. The hotel I’m staying at is $10 for the night, which is pretty good, but not spectacular, I think. I was also propositioned by a prostitute this evening, and she was pretty pushy. She walked along with me for a block, asking me what I wanted, and if I needed companionship, and I ran away into a store (which happened to be a women’s clothing store) to try to get away, but she waited outside until I came back out. I finally got away, luckily. Quepas I took the bus down the coast to Quepas, and I met a guy named Grady, who I’m staying in a hotel with tonight. The price is $25 for the night, but since I’m splitting it, it’s cheaper. We walked around the coast for a while and then went for a swim, but the water is not as clear as I’d like for snorkeling. Tomorrow I’ll go to Manuel Antonio, and see if I can get some snorkeling in there. Quepos Part Two We stayed the night for two nights, and got a ride into Manuel Antonio with Timoteao, and Raphael, two guys we met in town, and went around the park, saw monkeys and a sloth, and went swimming in a nice beach. I got out my snorkel but the water wasn’t that clear, so I played with the Frisbee mostly. The next day, Grady and I took the bus to Dominical, which is south of Quepos about two hours. The hostel is $10, so five each, which is nice, and we’re right on the beach. I might try to stay here for a few days, but the waves weren’t that good. It’s a beach break, and I don’t have a good feel for the wave, so I can’t work it very well. I want to snorkel, but it keeps raining, so I’ll have to wait I think. I keep seeing pretty girls who are looking me in the eye, and I wonder what is up, but I think that they are just looking at my blue eyes, because it’s a bit unusual here. I also have the Indiana Jones hat, so that might add effect. The hat is great. I’ve been wearing it all the time, it keeps off the sun, and the rain, and it feels good. I got a Machete today, so I have a tool to take apart coconuts, which I’ll have to put to use tomorrow as soon as possible. I got a coconut in Manuel Antonio, and it was nice, and I think the trees here are pretty climbable. I’m still in Dominical, and I don’t know what it is here, but I just don’t feel that satisfied. It might be the beach, that there are a lot of nice looking women in bikinis walking around, that makes me feel alone, or that Grady left to keep going south, and I’m on my own again. I guess I took the company for granted, and it was something of a comfort, despite the trouble of having to figure out who would keep the key and where to eat and all that. Having someone to talk to is very nice. I’ve also been feeling tired, though I think I’ve gotten enough sleep.

Thats all for now.

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