Monday, December 8, 2008

Almost gone

I'm almost gone from this country. I'll be leaving for the airport in a few hours and then off to a new land. Yesterday I spent the day being driven around the wonderful city of Hollywood (and LA proper) by an old friend, Jennifer, who I hadn't seen in a long time. We went to the movie theatre where everyone and their mother has the movie premiers, we went up Mullholland Drive, and played around a bit with the disc. If there is one thing that can survive a nuclear winter, its a frisbee, right?
Saturday I went out in my brother's boat, and we had a great time diving out in the Channel Islands. There are some amazing things to see out there.
Jennifer also gave me an Indiana Jones hat, so I'll be wearing that now. I'm off to look for some crystal skulls in central america!
Thus, this concludes my extended stay in LA. If I could be as good to my brother as he has been to me, I would be a much better man. He and Mari have been so kind to me, and I thank them very much.

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Jon H. said...

Bon voyage Sea Captain. Come back safe and full of new stories.