Sunday, March 23, 2008


The feeling came on slowly, like afternoon turns to evening. Before I knew it, I found that all the things I've worked so hard to get to were unsatisfying. Ultimate Frisbee wasn't good enough, I couldn't find myself enchanted by any women, (except one, perhaps) and my heart wasn't in my new job, that I had figured to be a wonderful step up, and in the right direction. Things were working out great, and I didn't want to be a part of them anymore.
So I've begun my preparations...
I gave Pelinore (to the right) away, and found a new boat: Altair. Altair is a star in the constellation Aquila, or Aquila the Eagle, who is the eagle that retrieves the thunderbolts thrown by Zeus. Pretty hefty job. So Altair has some dangerous cargo in her hold. Anyways, she's an Ericson 27, built in 1971, and has a nice little 11 hp diesel engine. Since I bought her in January, I've been adding things to make her more cruise-friendly, like an autopilot, a bowsprit (for anchoring, for flying a spinnaker), and speakers and solar panels. In the picture to the right you can see the solar panels and the Bowsprit. And the flagpole, of course.
I also got a canoe, which serves as a great "ship-to-shore" boat, because it can take a lot of cargo and two or three people, and it tows along nicely. Warren and I tested it out at Blake Island, and it works great. I've added a few things to the interior as well. I put in an Inverter, so I can plug in normal electronics (120V AC) into the batteries (which are 12V DC) and have them work. Warren and I tested this out as well, and we watched Into the Wild on my computer.
The next project is to get a heater for the boat, because it gets quite cold at night. I've got three weeks of work left.

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