Saturday, July 16, 2016

High Season

 The season is high.  Whales abound and I just finished a week of splendor among great people.  It seems like we've been seeing more Orcas this year that I have ever before seen, pretty much every week while I've been aboard this summer I have seen orcas.  I think that as more boats are coming up here and talking to each other, the odds increase of seeing these, but also that we are looking.

 Here is a little mink, my favorite weasel.

 Yes bay from above.  Over the past three weeks I have been on many shore trips and have seen bears on each of the weeks, while being on shore with them.  It is an exciting feeling, knowing that the training for working with bears is coming into effect.  It is different when you are in a boat and the bear cannot physically get to you.  All the bears have been very happy and not in the least bit aggressive, which is very nice.  We will go to Sitka, starting this evening, and I am excited about going through Glacier Bay again.

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