Saturday, July 30, 2016

A week of rain

 Mergansers scampered up the river that was nearly dry until the start of this week.  An eagle looked sternly down upon our footsteps, prints without claws from paws.  It was another Alaskan bushwack.  I love going up the rivers of course, and this one, in Deep bay, really invites me up it.  There were chum salmon lurking in the pools and fresh bear poo on the banks, and birds in the treetops with rain from the heavens.  It rained the whole week and we got to see the rivers and the salmon turn on again at long last.  Without rain the rivers don't flow this year, since there wasn't much snow over the winter.
 A greater yellow-legs
 Since there are salmon, there are bears too!

 Since there are bears, there are float plane bear-viewing tours!
 And a close-up of my favorite marbled murrelet.

 We went to the Inian islands and saw beasts up close, sea lions
 Ancient Murrelets..
 And sea otters

 We went to the glaciers again and saw the walls of ice...

 And the Murre
 Also a squirrel eating a cone...
 And on the last day, the sun came through the clouds like a beacon of hope.

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