Wednesday, March 25, 2015

End of Summer, Start of Spring

Its the end of the Summer for me down here, and the start of the spring up in the north.  As we sailed towards the Marina La Cruz, where we'll put the boat away, we saw some Arctic Terns, winging their way north from the far far south, following (or preceding) the sun on their journey to their namesake.  We will wing ourselves north on Thursday.  Altair is almost all packed away now, but I wanted to share some of the pictures from sailing and in Bandaras Bay (this time around).
 This first one was on a trip across to Yelapa, and I was sailing alongside a boat called Coyote, (blog is here)  That boat is going to sail across the Pacific to Australia, then sell the boat.  I like the idea, and they think they can make a bit of money, enough to make it into a business.
So here are some pictures of their boat...

 So we finally got to Yelapa, and walked up the river.  There are these seed pods that I love, and couldn't resist taking pictures of.
 Also the trees that have spines to defend themselves.  I don't know what they designed these for, because there aren't many animals that would munch on the trees, except insects.  And the spines are too big to poke the feet of bugs.  Possibly they are just out of place, and they defend against monkeys?  Or maybe the monkeys used to live here and were killed by the humans?  Or a large prehistoric sloth thing?  Whatever they are for, I found that they hurt when you grab the tree.

Of course there are these butterflies all over the place, flapping their beautiful wings like eyelashes.  I think they bat their wings, almost.

 And we saw some Macaws, but I don't know the exact kind.  They fly over and shriek and caw, but I never got a really close look.
 Here is a Green Kingfisher, one of the rare few that I've ever seen.

 And most of what we've been doing has been surfing.  This is an activity that is hard to document with a water sensitive camera, so I don't have a lot to show for it.  Lindsay does, though.  Here she is shredding some Nar on a wave called stinky's.  Appropriate?
I hope to work on a surfing video next fall, but really I just love to go out and catch waves, and not think about filming or pictures at all.  That is the reason that I haven't been blogging a lot lately.

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Anonymous said...

Have heard of others purchasing yachts on the cheap in San Carlos up North by PtoPenasco (con tilde), then sailing them across to sell at a profit. Nice work if you can get it ;)
The spiny trunk tree is called Pochote in CR. Nice lumber too.
Gimme a holler when you get back.