Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bandaras Bay

We will be staying in Bandaras Bay for the rest of the time here, sailing around, going surfing, and visiting the local towns (on rare occasions).  This bay makes great winds every day, thermal winds that die down each night and keep the surface of the bay nice and calm for sailing.
I've been flying the kite a bit, once while out at the Tres Marietas, the islands that sit in the middle of the mouth of the bay, and another time while at the anchorage in La Cruz, the place where all the cruisers (sailors) hang out.
You can see Altair in the middle of the photo (of La Cruz) and all the other boats anchored nearby.  It is quite the gathering...

The Marietas are a cool little place.  We took a friend that I met three years ago out sailing.  I had met him surfing at Burros, my favorite surfing spot, and finally he came out sailing.  He brought a few friends and we anchored out in the islands, went spearfishing, caught some fish and made ceviche.  Here is a picture of the preparations:

You can kind of see the island in this kite shot:

The whales are all over the bay and we've seen them while sailing around.  It is nice to have them around, and to follow them from here to Alaska and back.

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Seidler said...

What an amazing sighting, would be great to see whales. Right now everyone here would be pleased to get out of the deep chill.