Saturday, June 21, 2014

More pictures from Alaska

 I've been able to go out on a few hikes in the wilderness up here, and bring my camera along for a photo shoot.   My subjects, though elusive, proved not elusive enough for the swift snap of the shutter.  In Glacier Bay, the land is starting to soil itself as the glacier recedes and the progression of forests march in, and in the beginning of it all, there are lichens and lupins.  I like the hairy birth of the lupin leaves, wolfishly grinning at the shy sunlight. 

 Also on the Glacier bay turf I found a Willow Ptarmigan, hiding in plain sight with bright red eyebrows.  I felt a kinship to the eyebrows, since mine also stick up far above my eyes, though not as vivid in color.  I wonder if these birds bat them at each other coquettishly. 

 Here is an otter an baby.  The baby has a nice little island of warm fur to stand upon and look out over the waves.  This was taken near the Inian islands, fast becoming my favorite place in southeast alaska. 

And of course the Tufted Puffin.  I think this might be my favorite bird up here.  He's basting by as fast as he can puff.

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Anonymous said...

There is a poet inside you Christian.
You are really Waxing Elephants.