Saturday, June 7, 2014

Back in Alaska!

Here I am again, back in the land of the last frontier!  I haven't been posting much lately because of how difficult it is to get internet, but I'll try to do better in the future.  Its a full time thing, being on the boat, but it is quite satisfying and this year the boat and the crew are both lovely.  I'm in Sitka right now and this is a picture from yesterday, flown off the back of the boat while we were anchored.  I really like how the kayaks all look together like that.
In terms of animals, I am super excited about the trips we've been going on, because we spend three days in Glacier Bay, and probably most because we go to the Inian Islands, right out at the mouth of Icy Straight, where the inland waters meet the ocean.  There are so many animals there!  This past week I had a harbor porpoise bow ride the skiff for a good 10 minutes, and play with us while we were stopped.  A Harbor Porpoise!   They never do that!  Sea Lions splash the guests and puffins bounce like potatoes nearby, and baby otters cling to their mothers as we drive past.  Amazing.
I will write more in the next post, with more pictures, hopefully in Juneau. 

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Ellen said...

Good to hear from you again! Sounds as'if you are having as much of an experience as the guests. Great photo! Will we see you and Lindsey again this year? (Yourself)