Saturday, August 17, 2013


We just did this trip that was just off the wall.  It was a phenomenon, because we did EVERYTHING.  I swam with salmon, people hiked in Misty Fjords (permits are rare) went to a bear observatory where they could basically touch the bears, and kayaked at the glacier.  The Perseoid meteor shower blazed in the night, the whales were breaching like crazy, and the company was fantastic.  We had 20 people and all of them are sweethearts, and I have grown much closer to the crew as a result of this week.
I made a video as well.  Some of this week, some of other weeks.

Here's a star shot, but it doesn't look at the North Star, like you might expect.  the smearing is caused by the boat turning at anchor.
 This is a waterfall in God's Pocket, a small spot in Rudyard Bay.  Rudyard bay is in Misty Fjords and is really one of those places that I am going to go back to on Altair and have a long visit.

 The salmon are in all over and they are so much fun to see flopping around and wiggling their tails. 

 This trip, being Unleashed, the guests paddled at the glacier (Dawes) instead of a skiff tour.  What a way to see the ice, from the water...

 Here's a shot of the bow of the boat with us all on board, on the last night.

 And some kite shots...Ketchikan at the dock,
 and God's Pocket.

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Andrew Osborne said...

Epic as always CL!! Keep em coming. Loving it & would love to explore the Misty Fjords & Pacific NW in my Ericson 28 someday. #fanfrickentastic!