Saturday, August 10, 2013

South and sunny

 Yet another week in the north!  Here's a shot of Tracy Arm, and some ice I was sculpting on the exhaust pipe. 
 While in Walker Cove, we were visited by Orca Whales, which came right up to the boat and the playful babies were swimming around us.  They sometimes just came to the surface and sat there breathing quietly, sometimes they splashed, and a few times they breached.

 Here is the baby with its tail up.  The baby might have been 8 or 10 ft long. 

 A breach zoomed out....

 The walls of Rudyard Cove were next and they are like a northern Yosemite.  Sheer cliffs of stone, emotionless and forever, holding up the principles of the earth.
 A few kite shots...  One in the fog from behind, and one from the side at Rudyard Bay.

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