Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sailing the "small" catamaran

In my past experience building remote control sailboats, I've learned (and then forgot, obviously) that I don't really care to sail them that much.  I like the idea of sailing them and in the building process I end up making something that I don't want.  When it is complete, I sail a few times and find problems and then never fix them. 
This time it was different.  I built the model and figured out all the systems and got the boat almost ready for testing, and then discovered that I didn't really want to go any further.  But momentum prevailed and I loaded it up on the car to test it out.  The big problem is that the boat is gigantic.  It is bigger than my car, so I had to strap it on top to get it to fit, and that is a big hassle.  Then the wing is big and fragile and everything needs a lot of fine-tuning to work out properly.  So I sailed it once at Lake Padden, but I think I'll work on a much smaller version for the future.  Happily, I spent $6 on aluminum at Z recycling and actually got $7.65 back from bringing some old cans, so I've netted -$1.65 on the boat project (that is gain) so far.  For the radio, yes I spent 150 bucks and that I intend to find a good use for, if not in a boat, then potentially in a blimp or glider or some flying thing.  Its a good radio for that sort of thing. 
Lindsay and I also did a nice little drive out to the Lummi reservation, where we spotted some eagles performing some sort of aerial combat.  I'd like to get involved in an aerial combat club, if anybody could direct me to one.  Maybe with remote control planes, maybe with hang gliders (more dangerous)...  I remember watching some paragliders dancing around the sand dunes of Morro Bay, chasing each other and playing a sort of tag.  I want to do that also.  

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